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GAIA Capital Management is a boutique Investment company focusing on Traditional and Alternative Investment Advisory & Consultancy Services. Formed in 2010 our principal's have over 100 years multi market investment experience. 


With offices in Victoria, Seychelles. GAIA's primary focus is on serving the commercial and investment requirements of the regions Corporate Sector (public and private) and High Net Worth Individuals.


A commited and professional multi-functional group with a diverse set of complimentary skills including Quantitative &

Systematic Trading, Business Development & Capital raising, Structured finance, CTA/FX Strategy and Fund Management 


As seasoned industry veterans we have a large business network of key players in Finance and Industry across the Gulf, Asia, India and African Region in addition to Europe and the USA.

'The whole is more than the sum of its parts'


GAIA Capital Managemnt is a collective of seasoned financial industry professionals offering consultancy and advisory services to the global business and investment community focused on Alternative and Traditional Investments.

A 'work collective' is a type of horizontal collectivism wherein a business functions as a partnership of individual professionals, recognising them as equals and rewarding them for thier expertise. The working collective aims to reduce costs to clients while maintaining healthy rewards for participating partners. This is accomplished by eliminating operating costs that are required to support multiple levels of management.